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  • Sarmad Siddiqi
  • March 15, 2019

Dear E&P Professionals,

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Pakistan Section and Pakistan Association of Petroleum Geoscientists (PAPG) is jointly hosting the 26th Annual Technical Symposium and Exhibition, 2019. We are honored to invite all the E&P professionals, academia and regulators to be a part of this event and share their experiences and ideas. The symposium and exhibition will take place at Serena Hotels, Islamabad, Pakistan from 18-20th of November 2019.

This year, theme of the Symposium is: Unconventional & Offshore Resources- Game Changers, underpins the importance of bracing the latest technologies to achieve better results and beating existing limitations. This technical symposium provides the biggest platform for showcasing the achievements, lessons learnt and technological advancement of E&P Industry in Pakistan, and gives an opportunity to the local, regional and international experts to present their work which can help unlock oil and gas resources of Pakistan. The deadline for abstract submission is 15th May 2019. All abstracts must be submitted through the online portal available at

We are looking forward to your submissions to help us make the Annual Technical Symposium 2019 another remarkable knowledge sharing event. Good Luck with the abstracts and hoping to welcome you to the beautiful capital of Pakistan in November 2019


In order to create your author's profile (if you have not already done so) and to submit your Extended Abstract with attachments (Figures, etc.) under your preferred category please visit:

Author's Registration page :

Following timelines must be followed:

Deadline of Abstract submission

15th June, 2019

Notification to Authors for Manuscript Submission

1st July, 2019

Draft Manuscripts Submission Deadline

15th August, 2019

Notification for final Submission of accepted Manuscripts

1st October, 2019

Deadline for Final Manuscript Submission

15th October, 2019

Authors are advised to send their queries to the Co-chairs and website administrator.


Please select one of the following Categories while submitted your Extended Abstract at authors' portal:

  • Category I: E&P Business Challenges - New Paradigms

    • HSE and Security
    • CSR and Ethics
    • Supply Chain

  • Category II: Data, Risk & Resources, Legal & Commercial

    • Risk, Resources & Portfolio (Risk & Resource Assessment and Portfolio Management: Current Challenges, Models, and Methods & Strategies)
    • Data & GIS (Knowledge & Data Management, GIS based solutions in E&P workstreams)
    • Economics, Policy & Commercial (Petroleum Economics, Policies & Regulations, and Commercialization Challenges: Current Methods & Strategies, Case Studies)

  • Category III: Exploration topics

    • Unconventional Resource Plays (Geosciences and Engineering topics on Shale Gas, Tight Gas/ Tight Oil, CBM).
    • Frontier Plays and Exploration Efforts (Indus Offshore to the northernmost Fold & Thrust Belts)
    • Petroleum Systems and Plays (Evaluation for source, reservoirs & seals, (Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Geochemistry and other related studies).
    • Reservoir Characterization (Field and Laboratory Analysis, Seismic Stratigraphy and QI Geophysics, Reservoir Models).

  • Category IV: Development & well engineering, Testing, Oil & Gas Processing

    • Field Development (Current Challenges, Execution Strategies – 360 degree view.
    • Brown Fields (Revival and re-development, Static & Dynamic Models)
    • Well Engineering, Drilling and Interventions
    • Well Testing, Hydraulic Fracturing, Completions, Work-overs
    • Flow networks & Gas Processing (Gathering Network and Processing Plants, Design to Operations)

  • Mr. Sarmad Saleem Siddiqi

  • Chairman Technical Programs Committee
  • Annual Technical Symposium 2019 (ATS 2019)

  • Contact for ATS-2019 Geology & Geophysics professional papers:
  • Mr. Muhammad Irfan Khan (Co-Chairman, Technical)

  • Deputy Chief Geologist, MOL Pakistan

  • Contact for ATS-2019 Petroleum Engineering Students papers:
  • Mr. Muhammad Attar Sirati

  • Chief Reservoir Engineer, PPL

  • Contact for ATS-2019 Geology & Geophysics Students papers:
  • Mr. Muhammad Sharif

  • Senior Geologist, OGDC
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