Pakistan Association of Petroleum Geoscientists

The purposes of this Association are:
1. To advance the earth sciences especially as they relate to petroleum, natural gas and other subsurface fluids and mineral resources.
2. To promote the technology of exploring for, finding and producing these materials in an economically and environmentally sound manner.
3. To foster the spirit of scientific research throughout its membership.
4. To disseminate information relating to the earth sciences and the associated technology of petroleum, natural gas, and other subsurface fluids and mineral resources.
5. To inspire and maintain a high standard of professional conduct on the part of its members.
6. To provide the public with means to recognize adequately trained and professionally responsible earth scientists and to advance the professional well- being of its members.

PAPG is endeavoring to bring professionals together by arranging its technical and social activities in both Islamabad and Karachi regions. Corporate and individual members are becoming more involved and supporting through their contributions and participation and are well on our way to a year of strong funding for all our activities. At present PAPG has 25 corporate members.

PAPG has arranged several distinguished short lectures, seminars, workshops, and field excursions in past which were actively participated by the young as well as very experienced geoscientists. Conventions and technical conferences have also been arranged with collaboration of SPE and other organizations and institutions. Outcome was high class presentations which were pr esented in an excellent memoir. To exercise the Field Geology, PAPG has provided a platform through Excursion trips of some interesting geological features technically supervised by the renowned Geoscientists. Those were significantly participated by students and relevant oil industry professionals.

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