Dr. Saeed Jadoon

Chairmain, Conference - ATC-2018

It’s a great pleasure to welcome you all for an exciting and resourceful Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition 2018, being jointly organized by Pakistan Association of Petroleum Geoscientists (PAPG) and Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Pakistan Chapter in Islamabad. This has now been a regular annual fixture in petroleum industry for about twenty-five years and I am humbly honored to serve you as chairman of the conference at its silver jubilee.

This Conference provides a platform for professionals of the companies, academia, regulators and other stake holders to share their views and experience. This year, the theme of the conference “Challenges & Strategies to Sustain E&P Growth” has been selected to address the formulation of strategy for the sustainable growth in Exploration and Production of oil and gas reserves in Pakistan. The oil and gas reserves are major contributors of source of energy that requires aggressive efforts in digging out these indigenous resources in the country. For the last 60 years, efforts are underway for the exploration of conventional oil and gas reservoirs while not much emphasis is put on targeting unconventional reservoirs. In this conference, Geo-Technical Workshop (GTW) is also being organized to address the methodologies for the evaluation and exploitation of unconventional reservoirs in Pakistan.

Exhibition is an integral part of the conference for which more than 40 companies including National and International Exploration and Service providers are participating in it. Many thanks to all exhibitors for showcasing their advanced technologies.

Another important aspect of the conference is the participation of more than 150 students and faculty members from Petroleum Engineering and Earth Sciences from all over Pakistan including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.

My special thanks to all the authors of the papers. Without their contribution, holding the conference wouldn’t have been possible. They are the real heroes and their efforts are highly appreciated. The credit for the organization of this conference goes to the dedication and hard work of volunteers working in our industry, and this includes technical and management committees responsible for arrangement of all the events. We express our gratitude to all the organizers for their endless efforts in making this conference successful. We highly appreciate the insight of paper reviewer for their valuable input and hard work in selection of papers.

On the behalf of PAPG and SPE Pakistan, we express our gratitude to all the sponsors of the events as without their financial support we wouldn’t be having such a wonderful conference. We always cherish their financial and personnel support for the conference.

Last but not the least, thank you to all the participants who are travelling from different parts of Pakistan and abroad to attend the conference.

I hope you all will have a valuable two days conference and will enjoy stay in this beautiful capital of Pakistan.

Wish you all, a successful and exciting conference.

Dr. Muhammad Saeed Khan Jadoon

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