Dr. Saeed Jadoon

Chairmain, Conference - ATC-2018

It affords me great pleasure to send this message on account of Annual Technical Conference (ATC) 2018 hosted jointly by Pakistan Association of Petroleum Geologists and Society of Petroleum Engineers. Since its inception some two decades back, the ATC has fueled collective brainstorming by major E&P stakeholders to successfully manage a host of challenges faced by the industry. With over 1500 delegates slated to attend the proceedings this year, the outcome of ATC 2018 is expected to be equally, if not more, fruitful.

As most large, accessible reserves of hydrocarbons in Pakistan are already discovered and are, in fact, mostly in decline, the major challenge for the E&P industry is to replenish depleting reserves to secure a sustainable energy future for the country. This imperative is eminently pertinent in Pakistan’s case, where only about 40 percent of available acreage is tapped, of which barely one-fourth is under active exploration. Practically, this means a huge swathe of the country’s prospective region remains unexplored. The only way to counter this is to venture into less-explored frontier areas, including offshore basins, even if it entails higher business risk and cost.

Moreover, the presence of sizable unconventional reserves presents another potential opportunity to improve the reserve base. To this end, we need sharper focus on technical enablement, especially through capacity building, and collaboration between local and foreign partners.

Forums such as ATC provide an ideal platform to deliberate on the way forward to achieve these priorities. I wish both the organizers and delegates of ATC 2018 the best of luck in sparking the necessary synergies.

Pakistan Paindabad!

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