Annual Technical Conference - ATC 2016

PAPG-SPE Annual Technical Conference is an exciting technical event of the upstream Oil and Gas industry of Pakistan. The conference will bring forward the latest technical presentations from both G & G and Petroleum Engineering showcasing technology being and intended to be used by the Oil and Gas industry in the country.

As Pakistan's energy needs are constantly on the rise, we as professional are charged with the responsibility to further exploit and develop our natural oil and gas resources efficiently and quickly. As the conventional reservoirs get continued to be exploited, the unconventional reservoirs are yet to be developed. High level of commitment, financial resources and advance technology is required to be applied in the development of the unconventional reservoirs like shale gas. One study suggests that Pakistan is bestowed with close to 250-500TCF of shale gas reservoirs yet to be developed. Once developed, this will become a game changer not only for Pakistan but for the entire region. Not only will it be sufficient for close to 100 years of countries energy needs but Pakistan can also emerge as the energy hub of the south East Asia. One most significant incentive that would be required for the development of this resource is the price incentive to the producers/investors possibly by way of tax holidays during the development stage.

Today, our needs are close to 8 BCF per day, whereas we produce only half of it on a daily basis. Hence, the need to double our production in the shortest possible time is imminent. A rule of thumb is that $1 energy pumped into the economy generates close to $20 worth of economy. At this time we are short of close to $6Billion worth of energy, thus resulting in depriving the generation of $120Billion worth of healthy economic activity per annum in the country. This loss of economic activity is depriving the youth of the country from genuine employment activites and depriving GoP of tax revenue close to 50Billion per annum. Hence, the energy shortage must be overcome in the shortest possible time. However, the only way this energy shortage can be overcome is if all the stake holders' viz., GoP, private E&P and public sector companies work together like a synchronized and efficient team in exploiting the vast natural resources of the country. Technical papers received for this conference will highlight the new industrial practices in Exploration, Petroleum Engineering, and Development of the fields with the application of new technologies. This event will host over 900 delegates including 50 presentations, student paper contest as well as panel discussion