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  • Dr. Nadeem Ahmed
  • August 1, 2018

Dear prospective authors and presenters,

The Last date of submitting Extended Abstracts for PAPG-SPE's Annual Technical Conference ATC-2018 has been extended till 5 August, 2018. Authors' Portal at:

This year, theme of the Conference is:
Transforming Strategies & E&P Ventures to sustain & grow indigenous supplies for 2020s

Keeping in view the challenges of sustaining and growing E&P ventures and indigenous oil & gas supplies as we enter the next decade 2020s, we are sharpening our focus on the new technologies & workflows, frontier exploration (strategies & play fairways) and unconventional resources. Instead of offering generic topics to submit your papers, we have customized categories according to the challenges and problems the industry professionals face while planning and deploying the projects on ground. We plan to accordingly design and hold each conference session under certain theme. Categories can be found at the end of this announcement and under Author’s Portal while submitting paper online (Step-3). In that backdrop, I like to draw attention of Upstream and R&D professionals to the following technical activities and encourage them to participate or nominate experts:

  • Technology Providers Forum:

  • A dedicated joint G&G and Engineering session for Technology Providers will be held in which they would have opportunity to elaborate on the technical aspects and value-add of one or two of their latest cutting technologies and/or workflows which they can further showcase in the Exhibition part. Companies or authors presenting on behalf of the company can click on the Technology Providers session category under Authors' Portal and submit their Abstract.

  • Unconventional Resources Thematic Session:

  • This year we are also holding a dedicated half day thematic session on Unconventional Resources such as Shale Gas and Tight Gas. We request and encourage the companies, institutions and professionals who are actually involved with the relevant laboratory analysis, evaluations and engineering operations on Pakistan's shale gas & tight gas resources to come forward and submit Abstracts/ Papers to share their insights about this highly neglected under-exploited hydrocarbon resource.

  • Geoscience Technology Workshop on Reservoir Characterization

  • A pre-conference one-day long Technology Workshop on Reservoir Characterization is also being organized this year. Leading industry experts would present and lead discussions in this forum about the challenges and solutions of the exploration & development & production related RC problems. One or more extra-ordinary quality Papers submitted for ATC-2018 under this category may also get a space on this forum! We request G&G community to identify hands-on technical experts (in Pakistan or overseas) who could lead 2 hours long session in this workshop. Nominations or directly the Proposals can be sent to Chairman Technical Program and Co-chair PAPG (G&G).
    ATC Pakistan is a regular flagship forum of G&G and Petroleum Engineering professionals and researchers working in the Oil & Gas E&P sector of Pakistan. As usual, we look forward to an active participation of local and international Upstream professionals. Thank you.


In order to create your author's profile (if you have not already done so) and to submit your Extended Abstract with attachments (Figures, etc.) under your preferred category please visit:

Author's Registration page :

Following timelines must be followed:

Deadline of Abstract submission

05 August, 2018

Acceptance and intimation to selected authors

24 August, 2018

Authors accept offer and confirm data release

30 August, 2018

Submission of first draft of full papers

1 October, 2018

Acceptance of feedback / final papers

1 November, 2018

Authors are advised to send their queries to the Co-chairs and website administrator.


Please select one of the following Categories while submitted your Extended Abstract at authors' portal:

  • Category I: E&P Business Challenges - New Paradigms

    • HSE and Security
    • CSR and Ethics
    • Supply Chain

  • Category II: Data, Risk & Resources, Legal & Commercial

    • Risk, Resources & Portfolio (Risk & Resource Assessment and Portfolio Management: Current Challenges, Models, and Methods & Strategies)
    • Data & GIS (Knowledge & Data Management, GIS based solutions in E&P workstreams)
    • Economics, Policy & Commercial (Petroleum Economics, Policies & Regulations, and Commercialization Challenges: Current Methods & Strategies, Case Studies)

  • Category III: Exploration topics

    • Unconventional Resource Plays (Geosciences and Engineering topics on Shale Gas, Tight Gas/ Tight Oil, CBM).
    • Frontier Plays and Exploration Efforts (Indus Offshore to the northernmost Fold & Thrust Belts)
    • Petroleum Systems and Plays (Evaluation for source, reservoirs & seals, (Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Geochemistry and other related studies).
    • Reservoir Characterization (Field and Laboratory Analysis, Seismic Stratigraphy and QI Geophysics, Reservoir Models).

  • Category IV: Development & well engineering, Testing, Oil & Gas Processing

    • Field Development (Current Challenges, Execution Strategies – 360 degree view.
    • Brown Fields (Revival and re-development, Static & Dynamic Models)
    • Well Engineering, Drilling and Interventions
    • Well Testing, Hydraulic Fracturing, Completions, Work-overs
    • Flow networks & Gas Processing (Gathering Network and Processing Plants, Design to Operations)

  • Dr. Nadeem Ahmed

  • Chairman Technical Programs Committee
  • Annual Technical Conference 2018 (ATC 2018)

  • Contact for ATC-2018 Petroleum Engineering professional papers:
  • Mr. Sarmad Saleem Siddiqi (Co-Chairman, Engineering)

  • Senior Manager Reservoir, PPL

  • Contact for ATC-2018 Geology & Geophysics professional papers:
  • Mr. Muhammad Irfan Khan (Co-Chairman, G&G)

  • Deputy Chief Geologist, MOL Pakistan

  • Contact for ATC-2018 Petroleum Engineering Students papers:
  • Mr. Muhammad Attar Sirati

  • Chief Reservoir Engineer, PPL

  • Contact for ATC-2018 Geology & Geophysics Students papers:
  • Mr. Muhammad Sharif

  • Senior Geologist, OGDC
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